Review: Rug Doctor

After a week of stomach bugs and all kinds of nasties that spread through the whole family my sister and I decided we needed to hire a carpet cleaner to get rids of all the lingering nasty odours.
So hired ourselves a Rug Doctor from our local morrisons supermarket.
I have been using Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for many years now and I love the results. They are easy to use with all directions on the machine itself and produce fantastic results.
I have laminate flooring in my living room so I only had my corner suite, hall/stairs/landing and 2 bedrooms to do.
You start by filling the machine with 150ml solution, which can be purchased when you hire out your machine, to 9 litres of hot not boiling water. This is done by removing the white tank and pouring the water into the red tank underneath simple!
There are 2 buttons on the machine, one for using it for carpets and and one for using the hand tools provided for stairs and upholstery. The second to switch it on when you are ready to start. The handle has a lever on to adjust to a comfortable height for yourself and the water button. You control this yourself to avoid oversoaking the carpets. 
Walking backwards and slowly pulling the rug doctor you see instant results on the carpet and also in white compartment which collects all water as it comes back into the machine.
I love this part! I know it’s kind of disgusting but the amount of dirt that it cleans from your carpets, especially if like me it’s been a while since you cleaned your carpets!

I recommend going over your carpets at least twice to get a really good clean especially if you have stubborn stains. I even manged to lift some of the hair dye stains off my bedroom carpet! Now that was an unexpected surprise!

As I used the on the most high traffic area in my home I wasn’t really building my hopes for an amazing result but my carpets are almost like new again looking and smelling so clean and fresh!



One thing I would tell you to do is to make sure that you go over your carpets and without using the water this will ensure you remove any excess water helping your carpets to dry a lot quicker.
So if your in need of fresher carpets head over to Rug Doctor to find your nearest stockist.
I rented mine from Morrisons but you can also find them at bandq and tesco to name a few.
It cost us £20 for 24 hours and £15 for a bottle of solution to do up to 8 average size rooms. There is also 48 hour rental available too.

Disclaimer: I hired this rug doctor myself. I was not asked to do this review nor was supplied any equipment or reimbursed for doing this review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

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Today in work I came across an elderly lady in need of some assistance. She was feeling unwell and unsteady so I helped her to our staff canteen for some water and a seat. 

She was very apologetic and feeling a little foolish she said. Glad of a sit down and a little time off the shop floor I had a little chat with her. 

She informed me of her age, 90! Wow, and told me a little of her life. No children and her sisters all passed away many years ago she was the last of her family remaining and just recovering from an illness. 

“I’m not supposed to come out on my own” she told me “I get a little breathless but I needed to come out and I didn’t have anyone to come with me”

She then apologised to me? “You don’t have to apologise for anything” I told her. She looked so lonely and vulnerable I just wanted to help her get home to make sure she was ok and see if she actually did have anyone to help her. This lady is 90 years old and just cast aside, a forgotten statistic, someone who deserves attention and help so she can carry on living her life and not to be afraid of leaving home as she is too frail, her words not mine. 

I called her a taxi and waited till I was sure she was safely on her way home but I wondered. I wondered how long again before she speaks to another person face to face. How long till she gets someone to come with her so she can leave her home again. 

I see so many elderly people come through our shop without giving them a second glance but for some of them it may be the only human interaction they have and this thought today made me sad. 



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Who’s there for you?

This week our family has been struck down with a winter stomach bug. My 8 month old niece was the first to come down with it early hours of monday morning and has today spent the day in hospital as she still can’t keep anything down. Today her older sister got it and also my 4 month old nephew has come down with it too. 

It’s such a horrible thing to be helpless knowing that you just have to let it pass and all you can do is comfort them and hold them and hope it passes soon. 

But what happens when the adults get it? Being a single parent I always worry about what will happen with Olivia if I can’t look after her, fortunately I very rarely get stomach bugs so I wasn’t worried too much. 

I got it. I was in work. I thought it was heartburn. No. It wasn’t. 

I wasn’t due into work till 4 on the late shift so after the school run I took myself to asda for more new school uniform and was home by half 10. I fell asleep on the sofa for over 2 hours which is very unlike me but I didn’t think anything of it and got a bath and went to work as normal. 

Luckily Olivia was at my sisters, her sick baby not an issue as we had been there over the weekend and she get stomach bugs far less than me, as I was due back into work at 7am. 

My boss was in work with me and heard my very un ladylike noises in the bathroom and told me to stay off and he would cover my shift the next day. I felt so bad. 

I rushed home and made sure I had all Olivias stuff ready for school as I didn’t know how bad it would be or how long it would last. I’m lucky I have my sister to take her for me when I’m not well and her dad so I could re cooperate whilst she was in school but I do wonder how do others cope in a single parent household? Especially if there’s more than one child because I really don’t know what I would of done had Olivia been home with me . 

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Reward Charts


For a while now Olivias behaviour has been getting slowly worse. At first I put it down to the fact that I was working a bit more and she was missing me due to staying at my sisters. But no its not getting any better since christmas has been over and I’m home a lot more.
She is stroppy, stubborn and easily upset kind of like a hormonal teenager!
School mornings are horrific with her just refusing to actually do anything at all.
I came across a moshi monsters reward chart in work with 6 months worth of week by week charts. 5 things to gain stickers for each day with a maximum of 35 stickers. You fill in child’s name, the date and the 5 things they need to work on. For olivia it is brushing her teeth, getting ready for school as soon as she is asked,tidying up after herself, sleeping in her own bed (don’t ask! I know she’s too old to keep getting in with me) and no tantrums over silly things ie when I tell her to stop brushing her dolls hairs and get ready for school. At the bottom of the chart is a space to put in the amount of stars needed to acheive this week to get a present.
I decided I was going to purchase the doll she’s been after as we had it half price and there were only 2 left in our shop. I showed her the prize for reaching this week’s target goal of 30 stars. Not too sure if this is a high target for a first week but she is old enough to understand what she is doing and to know how to change her behaviour.
Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High is the coveted prize so I’m expecting some amazing behaviour this week as she really wants this doll but I have also stipulated that even if she does get it on sunday night any following spurts of bad behaviour will result in the loss of her straight away. I recently used this tactic by taking away her beloved ‘cabby’ cabbage patch doll for a week. I left in view easily accessible and told her she was to stay there and she did all week.
Today already has 2 stars on the chart bit this was to be expected for day 1 but ill keep you posted as to how we get on and if it works!

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Sunday Fun


So, today was the first day in a long time I’ve spent with Olivia with not ‘grownup’ stuff that needed to be done. I wanted to have a nice fun day that didn’t involve me shouting at her as she was was bored/kranky/naughty (delete as appropriate) so I needed to come up with some fun ideas to ensure a good day spending as little as possible. 

I picked up a mini cupcake set from work and decided we should go swimming as we haven’t been for such a long time, well since the end of November! 

We had a lovely lie in but I unfortunately woke up a bit under the weather and have felt awful all day but I didn’t let it put me off. We had a lazy morning before meeting one of my sisters and one of my nieces for an afternoon swim. 

After coming home and having a late lunch Olivia came across a tub of bubbles solutions and accessories and decided that despite the absolutely freezing temperatures outside she still wanted to go blow some bubbles!

She had so much fun in the cold running around the garden driving next doors dogs wild with her bubbles I had to join in until the rain forced us back inside, boooo 

So tonight will be spent making mini cupcakes, doing homework and finishing her school book before watching Dancing on Ice before bed. 

We’ve had a lovely day today despite feeling so horrible!

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Hi and welcome to my first SuperSundaySavings post with the fab Joanna from Coming From Carsonsmummy.The aim to start a saving habit whether it be for something big, Jo is expecting her second son in may, or for a rainy day so I thought I would join in. 

For the past few years I have had a standing order set up for £10 a week out of my wages initially for christmas. As our family is growing at a rapid rate this is essential as I’m only on minimum wage at work and as we all money money doesn’t go that far these days! This money comes in handy for other things to, it’s paid for a holiday, car repairs and is currently being used to pay my sister back for MORE tickets to see the amazing Mr Michael Buble! Unfortunately this means that I don’t get the full £500 in December leaving me to find the money elsewhere. 

This year I was planning to increase payments to £15 a week but the temptation will still be there to use this extra money for unexpected things, so how could I ensure I have more money set aside for the most expensive time of the year? Park Hampers that’s how! I usually end up getting around £200 back from my savings so using the figure of £5 a week I opted to save for a £200 LovetoShop giftcard. This would ensure I had at least this amount for when I need to get my Gifts bought. 

I set up a direct debit for the first of the month, a regular £20 stating on February 1st and last payment on November 1st with my gift card arriving in plenty of time. 

I also aim to save up to go abroad this year but until I have my holidays at work confirmed I can’t plan anything. 

I would love to know what or if you are saving for anything and what are your tips for ensuring you stick to this especially as I’m a spender not a saver!


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Out With The Old…..

For the last few weeks, well possibly months, I have been getting increasingly uncomfortable in bed. I’m finding it hard to get comfortable and fall asleep. To stay asleep all night and to wake up feeling refreshed. 

I was putting this down to christmas and the usual work/money/mummy issues but now christmas is all but a memory why an I still having these sleep issues. And also the past few night I have been experiencing the most awful back ache which NOTHING helps with. 

It comes on after 3am in the morning and I’m unable to go back to sleep, unable to get comfy and leaves me frustrated and exhausted! It’s without a doubt time for a new mattress. 

Where to start tho? What to go for? Spring? Foam? Memory foam? Soft, medium, firm, medium-firm …….. the list and qualities is quite extensive and I have no idea what type of mattress I want or need. I DO know I need it now tho like 3 sleeps ago!

So this weekend will be spent looking for and probably testing out new mattresses. I plan to pay a little extra as you, well I know I do, spend a good chunk of time in bed and a really good mattress can last upto 10 years!

So wish me luck and hopefully a good night’s sleep. 



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