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Holidays in School Holidays

So today me and Olivia took a trip to our local travel agents to enquire about going away during my 2 weeks holiday from work at the end of august.

For the past few years we have taken our holiday in Great Yarmouth so I thought it would be nice to look into going abroad this year just the 2 of us.

We looked into a few options but unfortunately like so many other families were are completely priced out the holiday market.
With the introduction of these new ‘fines’ for parents who take their children out of school, it is now not a viable option to have olivia out of school during term time.

Whilst I totally agree with children not missing school, olivia is rarely off and treasures her attendance record (slightly down from her usual 100% due to the stomach bug we all caught). The problem remains that for far too many families it is just too expensive to book a holiday abroad.



So for a 4 day 3 night trip to Disneyland Paris staying at the Cheyenne on a half board basis including flights and transfers it came to a grand total of £1619.67.
Deposit of £162 with remaining balance to be paid 12 weeks before departure date.
This left me with £1557.67 to be paid by approx end of may.
I get paid weekly so I tend to work all my money out that way so I’m looking at having to put away over £100 a week to make that balance. I work 20 hours a week at just over minimum wage so it goes without saying that there is NO WAY I could ever afford to put away that kind of money!
Olivia is desperately trying to come up with some money making ideas.
The main one involves basically fleecing her dad! The other one is to basically sell everything we own.

I understand that holidays are sold on a demand basis so as there is more demand over the summer months for foreign holiday the prices increase accordingly but where does that leave us who can’t afford the over inflated prices? How do we take a foreign holiday at these prices? Yes we can always start saving a year ahead be super organised but who knows 12 months in advance where exactly they want to spend their next year’s summer holiday?
There are so many offers free child places, early booking discounts but are actually what they seem?
Just try booking a holiday for 2 adults then the same again with the ‘free’ child place. It’s is usually more expensive. We had this problem booking for 6 adults and 3 children a few years ago. And even recently when looking for a holiday for 2 adults it was considerably cheaper than 2 adults with a free child place. This is before the considerable increase due to it being school holidays.
When looking for a week in Egypt with Olivia being out of school for the last day of term we could go for £690 each all inclusive. Fast forward to today for the last week of August and it was over £800 each completely unaffordable for me.
So what are my options? Well really all it leaves me with are booking the year before, not going away at all or again taking a cheap holiday park holiday with other members of my family to keep costs down. The last option didn’t exactly work out so well for us last year if I’m honest.
Have you successfully found a cheap summer holiday or do you have any tips for me in securing a reasonable priced holiday?

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