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My New Sports Bra

IMG_00000812So today was back to the gym day. It’s been a little while since I’ve been, 7 weeks I think, but I needed to do it. I’ve missed it and I feel so much better when I’ve been.
Just before xmas I was lucky enough to win a new Shock Absorber sports bra. I have an old one I got off ebay but I was desperate for a new one.
They have a handy little bounce-o-meter to help you choose the most appropriate bra for activities you do. I chose the ultimate gym bra. I do a lot of classes and time in the gym so I thought this would be the best one for me.
Mine came in black and pink looking super cute and the attention to detail was amazing. There is a panel behind the cups to help keep you secure when doing more vigorous activities, a wide adjustable strap so there’s no little bits rubbing you and no chance of any loosening. Across the back there are two separate fasteners giving greater support all over thus reducing any unwanted bounce! They also have a handy clip on the front for your headphones to keep the wires out of the way. These guys have thought of everything!
I love this bra! I felt so comfy and secure. There was no messing no fidgeting and no chaffing at all. After a 20 HIIT session on the cross trainer I felt cool and comfortable this bra really does do what it’s supposed to do!
It really is a must for the more busty ladies. Having tried many others I can honestly say I’ve now found the best so go ahead pop over to Shock Absorber and find your perfect sports bra.

I won this product and wasn’t asked or paid to do this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I have in no way been reimbursed for writing this post.

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Gym Bunnies

So, I’ve just got back from the gym after completing ny required exercise for my 10 week challenge and let me tell you it’s not easy at all!

I huffed and puffed and sweated till I looked like I was going to explode! And I actually thought I would at 1 point. But I completed it with a little help from the one direction boys, sshhh don’t tell anyone my daughters playlist helps me through some hard times at the gym ;). 

I’ve lost not so many lbs in the past fortnight but the inches, well they’re disappearing quicker than a British summer. So far in total 10 inches have dropped off so it’s working and totally worth it. 

So as I said just back from today’s session and I used my local leisure centre which only has a small but adequate fitness suite and is split between men and women at different times of the day. 

So this morning was the ladies session and trust me any more than 5 people and it’s cramped. So with all machines being used I opted to start with my 10 min abs ouch! Hard work that was but I followed it up with some squats and arm exercises with weights whilst I waited for the cross trainer to be free. 

This is where the fun began. Usually everyone has the headphones on and we are all totally oblivious to others but one woman today decided to use the radio so we all had to suffer with it in the background me especially as she was on the rower behind me. After 10 mins of my HIIT session she was joined opposite by another woman and friendly chat followed. My music stopped as I got a phone call, ignored as I was in no fit state to answer, and this is what I heard. 

Lady1: she’s putting me off

Lady2: why?

Lady1: look at her she’s sweating and the noise she’s making

(breathless, heavy breathing result of exercise and raising my heart rate)

Lady2: ridiculous girls of that size come to the gym should be at home with a chocolate on the sofa out of our way!


And then the disgusted looks started so I just turned and looked at them shook my head and with renewed fight I carried on till the end of my 20 mins. 

Gyms are not just for slim fit women, they weren’t young girls, actually older than me!, they are there for us all to use to get fit and lose weight, maintain our weight or just to stay healthy. Whatever our reasons we should be allowed to workout in peace. We are all critical enough or our own bodies with others cruelly confirming our fears and worries. 

Yes I am a bigger girl and if you don’t like watching me work out avert your eyes somewhere else. 

I’m proud to say that I’m am doing something about my weight and I will continue to go to gym to achieve my goals. 

It’s this kind of behaviour that put me off going to a gym for so many years and now I do go I go on my own a lot. Most of the time everyone is there to do the same as you and are so involved in what they are doing they don’t even recognise you are there too. But that small minority do exist im afraid and to be honest to me they can work out all they want to achieve the perfect body, but they will still always be horrible on the outside. 

So, dear gym bunnies, please allow us ‘big girls’ the space and decency to work out in peace and be the ones to be critical of our own bodies without your opinions as you never know one day we may just look better than you!


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Day 1 10 Week Challenge

I woke up all ready and excited with a determination I haven’t had for a long time I can and will do this.
I picked up my parcel from the post office after the school and rushed home.
I was to take 1 Re:Active T5 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 Re:Active Waterflow tablet before breakfast and lunch.
The diet sheet I received informed me that although portion sizes are small it would satisfy me. Well I was about to find out!
I duley took my tablet and with 30 minutes to spare before breakfast I got stuck into the exercises I was to do with my Reebok Resistance Rope.
A nice easy one for first thing cheese on toast great, bout would all my meals be like this?
Good start to the day I got all my housework done and was ready to hit the gym for my 20 minute HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training.
I chose the cross trainer for this and spent 20 minutes doing a minute at 35-45rpm then a minute of doing at least 70rpm. Yeah I know I’m knackered thinking about it now!
next was a go on the rowing machine before a nice half hour swim!
I had lunch and another Waterflow tablet, not as keen on the Greek yoghurt yet but I’ll have to like it as I don’t like eggs and this is my substitute! 
I have awful working hours and I had the awful days for my first 2 days of this diet plan talk about being thrown in the deep end! As I’m in work till 9pm I’m having to have my dinner before I leave and hope it carries me through. I have my days snacks with me and some water (I’ve spent a lot of today on the loo!) so fingers crossed it’s a good shift and I don’t die of starvation!
wish me luck


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