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To blog or not to blog

So as you have probably noticed I have kind of been neglecting my blog a little bit lately. Partly due to manic work hours, a bit of a lack of inspiration for new posts and a bit of self doubt. 

I only have a small group of readers so far but I’m not really worried about that. The more I grow into my blog, the more people it will reach im sure. The thing is tho I currently blog from phone which is not ideal as I have no home Internet. It also means pictures and link can be a bit hit and miss really too. The main problem is im not good with computers. I never learnt the basics at school, how I hear you ask, we used them in partners and I managed to just not do as much as my partner! A lot of things confuse me as I just don’t know the basics or the lingo or just anything much really. I know I should learn but it’s kind of a bit like teaching and old dog new tricks. Don’t get me wrong I want to learn I just never get round to it. 

So you see im kind of lacking a bit in blog confidence and due to a recent post I read from an established blogger, I’ve come to learn that if a lot of people think the same as her my blog is seen to be boring. Apparently pictures are a make or break thing, possibly more than the quality of the posts. This is something I will work on along with everything else. 


So if you like my blog thanks for reading, if your of the ‘ I want more pictures’ group I apologise please bear with me or better still help me grow. Leave me some tips and hopefully I can turn this little blog into something I’m proud of. 


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Just the two of us

Well this week I have had the busiest week. I spent my day off on monday cleaning my sisters carpets then my own on Tuesday before my working week started. My shift pattern went late,early,late,early then a late shift again on Saturday evening. 

This meant Olivia had to stay out quite a lot resulting in dramatics at school on friday as she wanted to come home with me and not go with her nan to stay at her dads. 

She came home! And again Saturday night when she had arranged to stay at my sisters. I don’t blame her, she’s a home bird who doesn’t really like to be away from me much I know this and fully expected it. 

Today I woke up so exhausted I decided we should have a lazy day. A day off from the rules, from everything and just do whatever we wanted. 

We had chocolate for breakfast, stayed in our pj’s and forgot about everything. We got monopoly out and played on and off all day. We watched Aladdin, Annie, Starstruck and many episodes of Disney channel favourites. We sat side by side reading our separate books, we acted silly and just had the most lazy indulgent time. 

It was what Sundays where made for, and exactly what I needed today ahead of a super busy week again ahead of the all dreaded stocktake! 

Honestly I forgot how good it is to just stop, take a time out from life and just enjoy what I have. 

Hope you all had a super sunday too. 

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