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Just the two of us

Well this week I have had the busiest week. I spent my day off on monday cleaning my sisters carpets then my own on Tuesday before my working week started. My shift pattern went late,early,late,early then a late shift again on Saturday evening. 

This meant Olivia had to stay out quite a lot resulting in dramatics at school on friday as she wanted to come home with me and not go with her nan to stay at her dads. 

She came home! And again Saturday night when she had arranged to stay at my sisters. I don’t blame her, she’s a home bird who doesn’t really like to be away from me much I know this and fully expected it. 

Today I woke up so exhausted I decided we should have a lazy day. A day off from the rules, from everything and just do whatever we wanted. 

We had chocolate for breakfast, stayed in our pj’s and forgot about everything. We got monopoly out and played on and off all day. We watched Aladdin, Annie, Starstruck and many episodes of Disney channel favourites. We sat side by side reading our separate books, we acted silly and just had the most lazy indulgent time. 

It was what Sundays where made for, and exactly what I needed today ahead of a super busy week again ahead of the all dreaded stocktake! 

Honestly I forgot how good it is to just stop, take a time out from life and just enjoy what I have. 

Hope you all had a super sunday too. 

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Sunday Fun


So, today was the first day in a long time I’ve spent with Olivia with not ‘grownup’ stuff that needed to be done. I wanted to have a nice fun day that didn’t involve me shouting at her as she was was bored/kranky/naughty (delete as appropriate) so I needed to come up with some fun ideas to ensure a good day spending as little as possible. 

I picked up a mini cupcake set from work and decided we should go swimming as we haven’t been for such a long time, well since the end of November! 

We had a lovely lie in but I unfortunately woke up a bit under the weather and have felt awful all day but I didn’t let it put me off. We had a lazy morning before meeting one of my sisters and one of my nieces for an afternoon swim. 

After coming home and having a late lunch Olivia came across a tub of bubbles solutions and accessories and decided that despite the absolutely freezing temperatures outside she still wanted to go blow some bubbles!

She had so much fun in the cold running around the garden driving next doors dogs wild with her bubbles I had to join in until the rain forced us back inside, boooo 

So tonight will be spent making mini cupcakes, doing homework and finishing her school book before watching Dancing on Ice before bed. 

We’ve had a lovely day today despite feeling so horrible!

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Today Olivia had to attend a church service as she is in the school choir and they were asked to sing for the schools church. 

Due to issues with the church building it is currently holding services in the school hall. 

When I was younger I used to attend church and sunday school services every week and from what I remember I enjoyed going. I stopped going at around the age of 12 I think and since then have only gone for weddings, christenings and funerals. 

Apart from one christening I haven’t actually attended church with Olivia. Religion just isn’t a part of our lives. Church numbers are dwindling they informed us and I’m sure they are not alone. I just don’t feel like I need it in my life personally and today I’m afraid to say hasn’t changed my mind at all. 

The service as a whole felt very dated and did nothing to grab my attention. I kind of felt guilty for feeling like this, they are doing what they love and believe in and I could barely disguise the boredom on my face. 

Olivia enjoyed her carol service but when asked if she would like to go back again next week the answer was no, despite a cute little story, amusingly read out, about Harold the smallest angel. So I don’t think it will be a feature in our sunday mornings.  

Do you go to church or what do you think will help attract new people into their local churches?

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