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Just the two of us

Well this week I have had the busiest week. I spent my day off on monday cleaning my sisters carpets then my own on Tuesday before my working week started. My shift pattern went late,early,late,early then a late shift again on Saturday evening. 

This meant Olivia had to stay out quite a lot resulting in dramatics at school on friday as she wanted to come home with me and not go with her nan to stay at her dads. 

She came home! And again Saturday night when she had arranged to stay at my sisters. I don’t blame her, she’s a home bird who doesn’t really like to be away from me much I know this and fully expected it. 

Today I woke up so exhausted I decided we should have a lazy day. A day off from the rules, from everything and just do whatever we wanted. 

We had chocolate for breakfast, stayed in our pj’s and forgot about everything. We got monopoly out and played on and off all day. We watched Aladdin, Annie, Starstruck and many episodes of Disney channel favourites. We sat side by side reading our separate books, we acted silly and just had the most lazy indulgent time. 

It was what Sundays where made for, and exactly what I needed today ahead of a super busy week again ahead of the all dreaded stocktake! 

Honestly I forgot how good it is to just stop, take a time out from life and just enjoy what I have. 

Hope you all had a super sunday too. 

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Christmas Organisation

This year im ready for christmas! I’m organised! Trust me this never happens ever! I’m usually there christmas eve waiting until after bedtime to get those last few presents out to be wrapped. 

This year I have managed to already have bought the majority of my presents and more importantly I have them wrapped, bagged and organised already in my mum’s house. I have 2 things left one doll for my niece which has a price sticker on I couldn’t get off and Olivias scooter which I will be assembling christmas eve.

My mum’s gift is on order and I’m waiting for delivery and all I have to buy now are an outfits each for my baby niece and baby nephew and for my youngest sister. I have a shopping day booked with Olivia next week when we will get all we need.

I have a bag of stocking items ready and as we spend christmas eve, day and boxing day at my mums and sisters I don’t need to buy any additional food for the holiday but I do have a box of treats put away for days when we sit in whilst school is off. 

Due to the nature of retail I won’t be getting much time off hence the need for major organisation coupled with not having a car now extending my working days. We are so busy now I’m working more hours and longer days. This means I don’t have Olivia home as much I she should be so I’m using my time wisely so I can spend the time she is home with her not frantically rushing round. Unfortunately this means that most days by the time I get to work I feel like already done a days work! But with virtually everything done now I can. Relax and concentrate on the big christmas clean up ie the child’s bedroom……..

Needless to say I’m received its all done and can enjoy the last few days in the run up to christmas knowing that I’ve done all the hard work and I’m ready to go, well once I get my last 3 gifts sorted!

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Making the Right Decision

Today I had to make a career choice. I had to decide if I was going to make the leap, go for assistant manager and finally start turning all my experience into something resembling a career not just something I stumbled into. But what to do was hard part. 

I have been told that there is an opportunity for me, that I’m going to do really well in the company and I need to apply for this current vacancy. 

The job is 44 hour minimum contract with varying hours depending on the store opening hours. The idea being I would transfer to a smaller store with shorter opening hours enabling me to have Olivia home most nights instead of only 2/3 nights a week as she currently is. This would be ideal had I still got a car but now I don’t and relying on public transport and fighting with a 7 year old who refuses to get ready on demand makes things a bit more awkward and with a working 10 hour day eg 7am to 5pm shifts then however long it takes on the bus there and back (I can’t work in a store within walking distance as my sister works there) it’s a really long day and ultimately really unfair on Olivia. 

I made the decision to remain in my current position despite being told by one friend, a store manager herself that I would be a fool to not go for it. 

Being a single working mum is hard enough, throw in irregular working hours and long days and the commute and I’m not sure it would work for me right now. One person would lose out and that would be Olivia but the thing is I have to explain this to managers who don’t have children and until you do im not sure you can fully grasp how hard it is to balance your work and home life especially if it’s just you relying on family to help you out. 

So there we go the mummy in me won she needs me to be home more and I just need to see her sometimes like this week, since friday when I took her to school for 9am I have seen her a grand total of 2 hours! Total mummy guilt tonight. I hope I’ve made the right decision after all I don’t plan on leaving the company so I’ve got plenty of years ahead of me to step up and further my career when she is older, for example, the teenage years which I can spend working all day long escaping the raging hormones and all that goes with it. 

What do you think? Did I make the choice? What would you have done?

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I broke my car!

It’s been a tough week for me this week. My car died and I’m not taking it well at all. 

I passed my driving test in 2006 to make life with olivia easier so for her having a car is the norm, we’ve always had one well pretty much. I’ve had 4 cars since then 2 on finance and 2 I have bought. 

I love driving I love the freedom you can get from being able to go anywhere at the drop of a hat, the ease of just jumping in the car and going. Being able to drive yourself to the airport or to a holiday destination in the UK even getting to concerts (we go to quite a few every year). And with having a young daughter it was so much easier. 

Today I am struggling with not having a car. I don’t work locally and definitely not within walking distance. What used to take 15 minutes in the car has now turned into an hour on the bus as myself and my workplace are not near a train station. I relied on my car for a lot of things, taking Olivia swimming, going to the gym and classes at various leisure centres so you can start to see the impact not having my car is going to have on my everyday life. I’m going to have to make some big changes to my life and how we do things. 

Unfortunately I am at a point in my life were im not able to buy another car and due to an unfortunate incident with my sister and my insurance, I’m not sure I can or want to be paying the currently hefty insurance premiums if I get a new car. 

So for the time being it’s back to walking and getting the bus for the 2 of us im sure ill get used to it, I kind of have to don’t I but it doesn’t mean I have to like it!

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